About Simon

I've been providing massage therapy in clients' homes and at their events in and around the Twin Cities since 2014. I got my start working with the Macalester College Swimming and Diving Teams, raising money at functions for queer and leather/kink groups around the Twin Cities, and working at Oooh Aaah! On-Site Chair Massage Inc. in downtown Minneapolis.


You may notice that Teagardin Massage charges less than other service providers. Many of them set their initial price point high and then offer sales and packages to bring the price down to a more reasonable level. The kind of hassle involved in that seemed counter to my goal of helping people achieve better health, fitness and managing their stress. I decided that rather than making customers jump through the hoops of buying huge packages they might not ever use or waiting for magic times of day to schedule massages for, I'd offer the lowest cost I could accommodate all the time and avoid the mess of gimmicks and deals.