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Massage in your home and at your convenience

Massage can be beneficial for managing chronic headaches, managing some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, recovery from exercise, and managing stress. Unfortunately, many people who might benefit from massage find it difficult to get to a fixed location provider, or are turned off by therapists who couch the service they provide in semi-mystical language, or have experienced a therapist making extraordinary claims about the efficacy of the services they provide.


I know the importance of reading and keeping current on reliable, peer reviewed, literature. Having completed an advanced certificate course at St. Paul College in their Sports Medicine track I am comfortable working with nonacute injuries and chronic stresses from athletic training, as well as assisting those with physical challenges in comfortably transferring to and from the chair or table. I work to maintain a safe and nonjudgmental professional environment and am LGBT, kink, and disability friendly.




Table Massage

Ideal for clients looking for both targeted work and general stress management.


  • Swedish Massage

  • Myofascial Release

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Chair Massage

Ideal for events and occasions when multiple clients have with targeted concerns centering around the neck, shoulders, and arms.